The War Z: Zombie Survival MMO

The War Z is the first survival mmo based in a zombie apocalyptic setting. This game puts you in control of not only your survival but the others around you, use your wits and whatever you can find to stay alive!

The game takes place five years after the outbreak, putting you in a post-apocalyptic landscape with over ninety five percent of the human population wiped out. You will need food, weapons and other supplies to stay alive. Scavenging the land for supplies as you look for items for survival, avoiding or fighting zombies and other players along the way. Each decision you make will bring you either closer to death, or more time alive.

The War Z: Zombie Survival mmo Game

The War Z:

Zombie Survival MMO:

One of the best features about The War Z, is the fact that there is NO subscriptions, paid DLC or expansion packs! Once you install the game on your computer, you will be able to play immediately, without worry about subscription, hidden fess, or paid expansions! Each time an update comes out it will automatically download to you free of charge!

On top of amazing graphics and effects combined with the ability to play on lower end cards and laptops, you can have the ability to experience this heart pounding zombie survival  game where ever you are at, on whatever computer you want.


The War Z: Zombie Survival MMO

Huge Landscapes:

When you log in you can choose one of them many hundreds of servers to play on. Each game has a landscape of up to 400 square kilometers!

As more landscapes become available to download, you are free to switch back and forth between them seamlessly, without losing your players stats or data. And forget about “transfer fees” because there aren’t any!

Currently the first world that will be available for game play is called “Colorado”. You can look forward to new worlds and landscapes being released in the future that will keep game play fresh and unique each time you play.


The War Z: Zombie Game Screenshot12

Equal Playing Ground:

You get to create your own path in The War Z. First by picking your character, customizing there look and then surviving in the ever so hostile world of The War Z.

By playing the game you will eventually gain up experience pts you can use to learn dozens of skills. There are NO classes NO restrictions NO levels or crazy stat modifications, keeping everyone on the same playing field. Your only goal is to survive, can you overcome the zombie infection and stand above the other players that want to kill you? The choice is yours in this kill or be killed world.


Surviving In The War Z:

While you adventure and discover the world, figuring out what happened on that fateful day five years ago, you will come across notes and diaries that were left by fellow survivors, and other players. These will give you much insight on to where to find items for survival. You have to use your wits and everything around to survive.

Being that the game is an open world, or sandbox style game. This gives you the freedom to go, and do whatever you feel will help keep you alive. Who knows what you will find on your adventures!

Hiding and fighting zombies is a common occurrence. As well as other players that want to kill you. There are also many hidden areas that you must find to help you find survival equipment and loot to keep you alive!


The War Z: Zombie Game Screenshot15

Team Up With Friends!

The War Z makes it easy to stay in touch and play with your friends. One of the main features of this allows you to create groups, and join the same servers together. With the separate option to manage custom servers without even leaving the game. You can create private or public servers, setting up reserved slots for your friends and group members to ensure they get to join with you each and every time!

Release Date:

The game is still being currently developed and is set for a fall 2012 release! You can sign up and get more info here.